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Bunce (Ashbury) Limited manufacture & market equipment which will help to keep your roads, factory sites or drive ways safe & free of snow & ice in Winter. When you have finished visting our site please contact us to discuss your requirements, we have friendly, experienced staff who would be only to pleased to advise you and help you.

We offer the widest range of snow clearing equipment available in the UK (Including: snowploughs, snowblowers, snowcutters, salt spreaders (often referred to as gritters or grit spreaders), de-icing Sprayers, Sweepers (rotary brooms) and Salt Bins). The range, includes small units ideal for de-icing or anti-icing footpaths etc., large machines suitable for de-icing or anti-icing motorways and runways, and many different sizes and specifications for other applications in-between e.g. salting car parks, hospital, university or factory sites etc.

This type of equipment is often collectively referred to as "Winter Maintenance" or "Winter Service" equipment and we can supply it throughout the UK from the Channel Isles to the Shetland Isles. We also export to numerous countries around the world, from Russia and China in the north to the Antarctic in the South.

Buy with confidence knowing that we have been at the forefront of development of snow ploughs and spreaders for the treatment of icy roads since the 1920's. In the 1920's we were the first company in England to produce snowploughs to fit to the front of lorries and we have many other developments since.

In 2013 after over 48 years of selling the Epoke range of salt spreaders in the UK and Eire (During which time we sold several thousand units), we ceased to be their official UK distributor however we will continue selling a full range of salt spreaders from bulk spreaders down to small towed salt spreaders including but not limited to the Epoke range of towed and tractor mounted spreaders & we still have a small number of new, ex demonstration & used bulk spreaders in stock.....Please contact us for details of these units..

Please note the above notice does not in any way affect the Bunce range of snowploughs, sweepers and snow blowers which we continue to manufacture here in Ashbury and we feel that this is an oportunity to further develop the range of equipment which we manufacture.

Aerial view of Ashbury showing our factory site which we have been at since 1900

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