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Why Buy Bunce?

Bunce (Ashbury) Limited are the pioneers in the manufacturing of snowploughs so you can buy with confidence knowing that we have years of experience in this field. We produced the first steel snowplough to be put in front of a lorry in the UK back in the 1920’s and we have been at the forefront of development ever since. We patented the steel ‘tripping edges’ used on many different makes of plough today and we were one of the first companies in the UK to manufacture polymer faced snowploughs.

Features of our Snowploughs include;

Strength: Available with high density polymer or high yield steel mouldboards, both mounted onto a steel skeleton to give strength and rigidity. For the ‘all steel’ blades we believe we are the only company using high yield steel mouldboard, which gives optimum strength to weight ratio, and is as strong or stronger than many other snowploughs available made of thicker, heavier standard mild steel. Our WM1A and WM1B frames are made from 'channel' section which we believe to be much stronger than the 'angle' section used by many other companies. When using DIN plates our mounting plates which ‘mate’ with DIN plates (Model 76060A) are also reinforced with channel to give extra strength.

Durability: As well as the snowplough’s innate strength and robust construction, the ‘business end’ of the ploughs needs to be ‘tough’ too. The standard wearing edges we use are made in 610mm sections which are sprung so retract if a slightly raised obstacle is hit, e.g. drain covers. They are made from specially treated high carbon steel to give excellent wear properties which are much better than the mild steel used by some other manufacturers. We can also fit different types of rubber squeegee blades in front of the wearing edges (to help clear slush etc.). When we supply blades fitted with squeegees (except for the 2” thick heavy duty squeegee) we still fit our full sized high carbon steel wearing edges behind the squeegee so the blade can be used with, or without the squeegee. (many other manufacturers do not offer this as a standard feature).

Adaptability: We do our best to tailor our snowploughs to suit your requirements and we can manufacture the brackets to suit all types of suitable vehicles. For use on footpaths, car parks, factory sites, roads and runways, sizes range from 4ft to 20ft (1.22m to 6.1m)and they can be used with most suitably sized vehicles of various types e.g. fork lifts, Land Rovers (Defenders), compact & agricultural type tractors, lorries.. Options include a variety of castor wheels, wearing edges and squeegees, power angling, DIN plate mounting, side markers, extension tops, lights, trolleys for storage …………………………and so on!

Print/Save/Download Product Sheet (PDF) for Lorry & tractor straight snow ploughs & Vee snowploughs - Forklift snowplough - Mini compact tractor snowplough - Runway snowploughs

Bunce Mini SNowploughs to suit compact tractors

Bunce Forklist mounted Snow Ploughs

Bunce Lightweight snowploughs to suit Land Rovers etc.

Bunce Lorry and Tractor Mounted Snow Ploughs

Bunce Runway Snow ploughs

Bunce Vee shaped snowploughs

Bunce Slush Blades

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